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Japan Initiative for Global Research Network on Infectious Diseases (J-GRID)

As a collaborating organization of "Nagasaki University Infectious Disease Research Project in Vietnam", the AIDS Clinical Center (ACC), the Disease Control and Prevention Center (DCC), and the Research Institute from the National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM) joined the research programs of Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED), namely "The Program of Founding Research Centers for Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases (2005-2009)", "The Japan Initiative for Global Research Network on Infectious Diseases (2010-2014)", and "The Japan Initiative for Global Research Network on Infectious Diseases (2015-2019)”. DCC and the Research Institute focused on drug resistance, while ACC conducted research on HIV infections.

Main activities conducted with the support of J-GIRD

1) HIV-patient cohort study
We established HIV patient cohorts at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases (NHTD) and Bach Mai Hospital. Since 2007, 1,820 patients from NHTD and 378 patients from Bach Mai Hospital have been registered. We regularly collected clinical data from the HIV patient cohort, and conducted research on wide range of topics including: treatment outcome, drug-resistant HIV, side effects of antiretroviral drugs (renal dysfunction, dyslipidemia, bone disorders in children, etc.), quality of life and mental health such as depression among HIV patients.

2) International cooperation
We have contributed to the public health and its policy-making in Vietnam by sharing research findings to WHO, CDC and Vietnam administration of HIV/AIDS control, Ministry of Health. In 2006, by the request of WHO, ACC participated in the Western Pacific HIV Drug Resistance Conference as a member of the Vietnamese delegation.

3) Exchange and human resource development
Practical training was provided for Vietnamese medical staffs such as doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians both in Vietnam and Japan. Participants were followed up in Vietnam after the training in Japan so that they can utilize obtained skills and knowledge in their daily operation.