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    • The Asia-Pacific AIDS & Co-Infections Conference 2022 (June 16-18 2022)
    Prevalence and factors associated with Diabetes mellitus among People living with HIV in Vietnam
    Moeko Nagai:Researcher, AIDS Clinical Center, National Center for Global Health and Medicine

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    • Global Health & Medicine 2022 Jun 30;4(3):146-151. doi: 10.35772/ghm.2021.01113.
    Possible association of HLA-DP polymorphism and antiretroviral therapy with hepatitis B virus clearance in an HIV-infected Vietnamese population.
    Mizushima D, Hayashida T, Nguyen DHT, Nguyen DT, Matsumoto S, Tanuma J, Gatanaga H, Nguyen KV, Oka S.